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New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD preorder

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MAZE OF FEELINGS "Maze Of Feelings" CD

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Maze of Feelings is an unusual band from Poland, which has two vocalists in the line-up, both from Russia, and they both have already become a significant part of the Russian dark scene. Andrey Karpukhin (Mare Infinitum, Abstract Spirit, Comatose Vigil) and Ivan Guskov (Mare Infinitum) are responsible for the variety of voices ranging from scream and growl to narrative and epic clean vocals that saturate music, which is an organic composition of doom death metal and dark metal. The harsh and heavy compositions of this debut album by Maze of Feelings, appearing quite straightforward at first glance, will immediately reveal many expressed emotions.

Maze Of Feelings – необычная группа из Польши, где сразу два вокалиста, оба из России, и оба уже успевшие стать знаковыми для российской тёмной тяжёлой сцены. Андрей Корпухин (Mare Infinitum, Abstract Spirit, Comatose Vigil) и Иван Гуськов (Mare Infinitum) отвечают за разнообразие голосов, простирающихся от скрима и гроула, до нарратива и эпического чистого вокала, насыщающих музыку, представляющую собой неразрывную связь doom death metal и dark metal. Жёсткие, хлёсткие композиции этого дебютного альбома Maze Of Feelings, при кажущейся прямолинейности, сразу же раскроются при прослушивании множеством передаваемых эмоций.

1. Drained Souls Asylum
2. Adherents Of Refined Severity
3. Where Orphaned Daughters Cry
4. Necrorealistic
5. Grey Waters Of Indifference
6. Cold Sun Of Borrowed Tomorrow
7. Dreamcatcher

New Arrivals / Новые поступления

5rand [2017] Sacred / Scared (death metal)
Ruiny Vechnosti [2017] Shjopot Zabytyh Holmov (death metal)
Temnoles'e [2017] Skazanija (folk metal)
A Thousand Sufferings [2015] Burden (stoner sludge doom)
Bloody Heathen [2017] Carnal Ruin (death metal)
Braindamage [2016] The Downfall (progressive thrash metal)
Colloquio [1995] Io E L'Altro (electronic rock)
Deinonychus [2017] Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide (dark doom metal)
Demetra Sine Die [2008] Council From Kaos (black metal)
Dirty Grave [2017] Evil Desire (doom metal)
Doomster Reich [2017] Drug Magick (doom metal)
Dperd [2016] V (darkwave)
Dragonhammer [2017] Obscurity (progressive power metal)
Ecnephias [2017] The Sad Wonder Of The Sun (death / gothic metal)
Eva Can't [2017] Gravatum (progressive power metal)
Eversin [2015] Trinity: The Annihilation (technical power thrash metal)
Father Of Serpents, The [2017] Age Of Damnation (gothic doom metal)
Fear Of The Storm [2016] Madness Splinters (1991-1996) (gothic metal)
Funeral Tears [2017] Beyond The Horizon (funeral doom metal)
Goodbye Diana [2015] Goodbye Diana (math rock)
Helfir [2015] Still Bleeding (gothic metal)
Helfir [2017] The Human Defeat (gothic metal)
Hooded Menace [2018] Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed (doom death metal)
In Tormentata Quiete [2017] Finestatico (black metal)
In Tormentata Quiete [2009] Teatroelementale (black metal)
Infernal Angels [2017] Ars Goetia (death metal)
Kausalgia [2016] Dreamquest (black metal)
Lethe [2017] The First Corpse On The Moon (gothic metal)
Lord Agheros [2016] Nothing At All (atmospheric black metal)
Magik Way, The [2015] Curve Sternum (black metal)
Monads [2017] IVIIV (funeral death doom metal)
Motus Tenebrae [2016] Deathrising (gothic doom metal)
Mudweiser [2013] Angel Lust (stoner rock)
Mudweiser [2009] Holy Shit (stoner rock)
Nadir [2017] The Sixth Extinction (death doom metal)
Night Of Suicide [2017] Broken (doom death metal)
Omrade [2015] Edari (avantgarde / experimental)
Omrade [2017] Nade (avantgarde / experimental)
Superbeatnik [2008] No Hand Hold (stoner rock)
Taiga [2017] Cosmos (atmospheric black metal)
Taiga [2016] Sky (atmospheric black metal)
Verdun [2016] The Eternal Drift's Canticles (sludge / doom metal)

Back in stock / Снова в наличии

Crown Of Autumn [1997] The Treasures Arcane - Transfigurated Edition (epic dark metal)
Dperd [2010] Io Sono Un Errore (darkwave)
Dperd [2013] Kore (darkwave)
Dperd [2008] Regalero Il Mio Tempo (darkwave)
Forgotten Sunrise [2004] Ru:Mipu:Dus (electro gothic metal)
In Silentio Noctis [2013] Disenchant The Hypocrites (symphonic black metal)
Lord Agheros [2012] Demiurgo (atmospheric black metal)
Taiga [2015] Gaia (black metal)

New arrivals / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD released

Solitude Store update!


DOOM:VS "Aeternum Vale" CD digipak

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Reissue of the Doom:VS’s acclaimed debut album “Aeternum Vale” on CD and special edition Digipak. The project by Johan Ericson, the guitarist of the Swedish band Draconian, became an authoritative example of the genre and a real rarity. Now you can get this gem for your CD collection again.

Solitude Productions представляет переиздание абсолютной классики doom death metal, легендарного альбома Doom:VS “Aeternum Vale”, проекта Йохана Эриксона, гитариста и композитора известной группы Draconian. За долгие годы “Aeternum Vale” полюбился тысячам поклонников, десятки положительных отзывов критиков упрочили успех альбома, быстро распроданного и ставшего настоящим раритетом и объектом охоты коллекционеров. Сегодня любой имеет возможность прикоснуться к магии Doom:VS, наполненной особой атмосферой, яркими мелодиями и мрачным настроением. Настоящий культ для настоящих ценителей.

1. The Light That Would Fade
2. Empire of the Fallen
3. The Faded Earth
4. Obvilion Upon Us
5. The Crawling Insects
6. Aeternus




New Arrivals / Новые поступления

Aborym [2010] Psychogrotesque (black metal)
Atheist [2015] Elements (death metal)
Atheist [2015] Unquestionable Presence (death metal)
Chalice Of Suffering [2016] For You I Die (doom death metal)
Decemberance [2018] Inside (doom death metal)
Decemberance [2018] The Demo Years 1998-2001 (doom death metal)
Deos [2015] .​.​.​to Depart (funeral doom)
Departe [2016] Failure, Subside (post black / death metal)
Grimirg [2016] Night Be My Grave (funeral doom)
Inquisition [1998] Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult (black metal)
Inquisition [2002] Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan (black metal)
Inquisition [2004] Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer (black metal)
Inquisition [2007] Nefarious Dismal Orations (black metal)
Inquisition [2010] Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (black metal)
Inquisition [2013] Obscure Verses For The Multiverse (black metal)
Kylesa [2010] Spiral Shadow (sludge metal)
Kylesa [2012] From The Vaults - Vol. 1 (sludge metal)
Kylesa [2013] Ultraviolet (sludge metal)
Kylesa [2015] Exhausting Fire (sludge metal)
Mayhem [2007] Ordo Ad Chao (cult black metal)
Mayhem [2014] Esoteric Warfare (black metal)
Mistralth [2017] My Grief (dark metal / doom)
Ocean Of Grief [2016] Fortress Of My Dark Self (doom death metal)
Penuria [2015] Vulnerat Omes,Ultima Necat (funeral doom)
Slow [2017] V - Oceans (funeral doom)
Solstafir [2017] Berdreyminn [Digipak] (post metal / rock )
Somnent [2016] Eventide (doom death metal)
Somnent [2017] Sojourn (doom death metal)
Throne [2017] Consecrates (sludge doom)
Touch Of Eternity [2016] In The Crossroads Of Life (funeral doom)
Withered [2016] Grief Relic (black / death metal)

Back in stock / Снова в наличии

Anaal Nathrakh [2004] Domine Non Es Dignus (black metal)
Aphonic Threnody / Frowning [2014] SplitCD - Of Graves, Of Worms, And Epitaphs (funeral doom / death metal)
Cynic [2011] Carbon-Based Anatomy (progressive / technical death)
Drudkh [2003] Forgotten Legends [remastered] (depressive pagan black)
Drudkh [2004] Autumn Aurora [remastered] (depressive pagan black)
Drudkh [2006] Blood In Our Wells [remastered] (depressive pagan black)
Drudkh [2007] Estrangement (depressive pagan black)
Drudkh [2010] Handful Of Stars (pagan black metal)
Drudkh [2015] A Furrow Cut Short (pagan black metal)
Esoteric [2011] Paragon Of Dissonance (cult funeral doom)
Shape Of Despair [2016] Alone In The Mist [Limited Edition] (cult funeral doom)
Thy Catafalque [2011] Rengeteg (avantgarde metal)


Atheist [1991] Unquestionable Presence [12'' LP] (technical death metal)
Departe [2016] Failure, Subside [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] Green Vinyl (post black / death metal)
Disperse [2017] Foreword [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (progressive metal)
Evoken [1998] Embrace The Emptiness [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (funeral doom death)
Mastodon [2002] Remission [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (progressive sludge metal)
Saint Vitus [2012] Lillie F-65 [12'' LP] (traditional doom metal)
Suma / Pyramido [2010] Suma / Pyramido [12'' LP] (sludge doom)
Uaral [2017] Lamentos A Poema Muerto [12'' LP] (folk / doom metal)
Verdun [2016] The Eternal Drift’s Canticles [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (sludge doom)


Terroraiser [2017] N 4 (72)

New year's SALE / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD preorder

Solitude Store update!

To celebrate upcoming holidays we offer you a 18% off coupon NEW2018Offer valid only for orders which was made and paid before 30.12.2017. To use the discount just fill the Coupon space in shopping cart. All orders made after 25.12.2017 will be sent in 2018. Have a nice holidays.

Поздравляем всех с наступающим новым годом! В этом году мы решили предложить всем нашим клиентам скидку в размере 18% на все! Чтобы воспользоваться скидкой введите код NEW2018 в соответствующее поле в корзине во время оформления заказа. Заказы оформленные после 25 декабря будут отправляться в 2018 году. У кого есть открытые заказы просьба их дооформить и закрыть в этом году.

DOOM:VS "Aeternum Vale" CD preorder

Preorder Now | Предзаказ

Reissue of debut DOOM:VS album from 2006 is scheduled for 5 January 2018. We started to accept preorders now

Переиздание дебютного альбома DOOM:VS "Aeternum Vale" запланировано на 5 января 2018 года. Предзаказ открыт

DOOM:VS "The Dead Swan Of The Woods" T-shirt

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Format: T-shirt

Preorder for new DOOM:VS T-shirt is over. We have a little quantity of main sizes to sell

T-shirt design based on “The Dead Swan of the Woods” song lyrics from “Earthless” album
Heavy (200g) high quality t-shirt (cotton 95%, lycra 5%)
Special phosphoric paints used (glow in the dark)
Orders with T-shirts will be shipped early January

Предзаказ на футболки DOOM:VS завершен. У нас есть небольшое количество основных размеров на продажу 

Дизайн футболки основан на тексте песни “The Dead Swan of the Woods” с альбома “Earthless”.
Вес – 200 гр., высокое качество (cостав: хлопок 95%, лайкра 5%)
При производстве будут использованы специальные фосфорные краски (светящиеся в темноте)

Рассылка заказов с футболками будет осуществляться в начале января

DOOM:VS "The Dead Swan Of The Woods" T-shirt

DOOM:VS "The Dead Swan Of The Woods" T-shirt

Preorder Now | Предзаказ

Format: T-shirt

Preorder for new DOOM:VS T-shirt continues

T-shirt design based on “The Dead Swan of the Woods” song lyrics from “Earthless” album
Heavy (200g) high quality t-shirt (cotton 95%, lycra 5%)
Special phosphoric paints used (glow in the dark)
Man’s S and XXXL sizes and ALL Girl’s sizes will be available only upon preorders before 10 December

Продолжается предзаказ на футболки DOOM:VS

Дизайн футболки основан на тексте песни “The Dead Swan of the Woods” с альбома “Earthless”.
Вес – 200 гр., высокое качество (cостав: хлопок 95%, лайкра 5%)
При производстве будут использованы специальные фосфорные краски (светящиеся в темноте)
Мужские размеры – S и XXXL, а также ВСЕ женские размеры будут доступны только в течении предзаказа до 10 декабря

Рассылка будет осуществляться в порядке очереди в конце декабря – начале января

New Arrivals / LORELEI CD release / DOOM:VS T-shirts preorder

LORELEI "Shadows Of October | Тени Октября"

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Format: CD
Release Date: 24.11.2017
Country: Russia
Genre: Death Doom Metal

The second album by the Russian band Lorelei was awaited for a long time, but it was worth it, as the band seems to have a second wind and represent itself to the listeners in a new way. Keeping the melancholic lyrical atmosphere, the musicians turned from gothic doom to the doom death metal, while almost completely abandoning female vocals, leaving the male growl at the leading position. The combination of crystal keys and heavy guitars, melodiousness and sincere presentation is exactly what is necessary to create autumn mood.

Второй альбом российской группы Lorelei пришлось ждать долго, но это того стоило, потому что у группы словно появилось второе дыхание, и группа смогла раскрыться перед слушателями по-новому. Оставив меланхоличную лирическую атмосферу, музыканты двинулись в направлении от gothicdoom к стилистике doom death metal, при этом почти полностью отказавшись от женского вокала, оставив мужской гроул. Сочетание хрустальных клавиш и тяжёлых гитар, мелодичность и искренняя подача – именно то, что необходимо для рождения осеннего настроения.


1. Into…
2. Я – Северный Ветер
3. Морская
4. Сентябрь
5. И Тихо Вётлы Шелестят
6. Тени Октября
7. Северный Берег
8. Темная Вода
9. Ноябрь
10. Canticum Angelorum





doom:vs t-shirt preorder

New Arrivals

_Algol_ [2016] All These Worlds Are Yours (dark ambient)
Abstract [2017] Remembrance (progressive metal)
Aura Hiemis [2017] Silentium Manium (death doom metal)
Black Wanderer [2017] Hostile Territory (dark ambient)
Crown Of Asteria [2015] Great Freshwater Seas (atmospheric black / doom metal)
Dead Carnage [2017] Flesh, Blood, Orgy (death metal)
Exxasens [2015] Back to Earth ( post rock)
Forgotten Winter [2015] Vinda (black metal / ambient)
Graveyard Of Souls [2017] Mental Landscapes (death doom metal)
Hypnotic Scenery [2017] Vacuum (doom metal)
Marana / Histos [2017] SplitCD - Death Is Hidden In The Pastic / Deviation (grindcore)
Mater Monstifera [2017] Vezeni Bizarnich Bohu (black metal)
Seirom [2015] Mesmerized (dark ambient)
Shattered Sigh [2017] Distances (death doom metal)
Stuzha [2015] Butugichag (dark ambient)
Thaw [2016] St. Phenome Alley (black metal / ambient / noise)
Thisquietarmy [2012] Phantom Limbs ( post rock)
Vandod [2017] Vandod (black metal)

Back in Stock

Abstract [2014] Lightheory (instrumental metal)
ColdWorld [2008] Melancholie2 (black ambient)
Downfall Of Nur [2014] Umbras E Forestas (black metal)
Funeral [2012] Oratorium (doom death)
Goatsnake [2000] Flower Of Disease (stoner doom)
Longing For Dawn [2007] A Treacherous Ascension (funeral doom)
Longing For Dawn [2009] Between Elation & Despair (funeral doom)
Lunar Aurora [1996] Weltenganger (black metal)
Lunar Aurora [1998] Seelenfeuer (black metal)
Lunar Aurora [2005] Mond (black metal)
Lunar Aurora [2007] Andacht (black metal)
Lunar Aurora [2012] Hoagascht (black metal)
Mourning Beloveth [2001] Dust (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2002] The Sullen Sulcus (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2005] A Murderous Circus (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2013] Formless (doom death)
Nortt [2008] Galgenfrist (funeral black doom)
Orodruin [2003] Epicurean Mass (traditional doom)
Pantheist [2003] O Solitude (doom death)
Pantheist [2005] Amartia (doom death)
Pelican [2012] Ataraxia / Taraxis (post metal / artcore)
Pentagram [1999] Review Your Choices (traditional doom metal)
Pentagram [2001] Sub-Basement (traditional doom metal)
Reverend Bizarre [2002] In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend (doom metal)
Shining [2007] V - Halmstad (cult suicidal black metal)
Silence Of The Old Man [2010] Carencia De Ausencia (post black metal)
Solitude Aeturnus [2007] Hour Of Despair [Licenced DVD] (cult doom metal)
Solstice [1994] Lamentations (epic doom metal)
Solstice [1998] New Dark Age (epic doom metal)
Soulcide [2008] The Warshadows (black metal)
Strapping Young Lad [2006] The New Black [Licensed CD] (death industrial)
Sunn O))) & Boris [2006] Altar (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2000] 00 Void (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2002] Flight Of The Behemoth (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2004] White 2 (drone doom metal)
Vinterriket [2011] Grauweiss (dark ambient)
Warning [1999] The Strength To Dream (doom metal)
Wraith Of The Ropes [2005] Ada (funeral doom)
Svarga [2014] Moj kraj (pagan folk metal)


Clouds [2014] Doliu [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (atmospheric doom metal)
Clouds [2017] Destin [12'' EP] (atmospheric doom metal)
Cruadalach [2011] Agni - Unveil What's Burning Inside [12'' LP] (folk metal)
Dissolving Of Prodigy [1997] Time Ruins Also Beauty [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (doom metal)
Mourning Beloveth [2002] The Sullen Sulcus [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2008] A Disease For The Ages [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2013] Formless [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (doom death)
Mourning Sun [2016] Ultimo Exhalario [12'' LP] (gothic doom)
Six Degrees Of Separation [2002] Moon 2002 - Nocturnal Breed [12'' LP] (thrash death metal)
Throes Of Dawn [2016] Our Voices Shall Remain [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (progressive dark metal)


Atmosfear [2017] #19
Terroraiser [2017] N 3 (71)

New Arrivals / LUNA "Swallow Me Leaden Sky" CD release

LUNA "Swallow Me Leaden Sky"

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Format: CD
Release Date: 10.11.2017
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Epic Symphonic Death Doom

Luna is back with their new third full-length album. And this return is really crushing! Developing the ideas of instrumental symphonic music based on the combination of funeral doom metal and doom death metal, the musician again creates the soundtrack to a non-existent movie with two monumental tracks about the darkness of the night, the grandeur of nature, and human passions … This time the darkness is more dense, the sound is more powerful, music is more majestic and exalted, the feelings are naked. Dissolve yourself in this abyss.

Luna возвращаются со своим новым, третьим по счёту, полноформатным альбомом. И это возвращение поистине сокрушительное! Развивая идеи инструментальной симфонической музыки, замешанной на сочетании funeral doom metal и doom death metal, музыкант снова создаёт в двух монументальных треках саундтрек к несуществующему фильму о мраке ночи, величии природы и человеческих чувствах… На этот раз – мрак беспрогляднее, звучание мощнее, музыка величественнее и возвышеннее, чувства обнажённее. Погрузитесь в эту бездну.


1. Everything Becomes Dust
2. Swallow Me Leaden Sky





New Arrivals

Agathocles [2015] Superiority Overdose (grindcore)
Agathocles [2016] Commence To Mince (grindcore)
Darkflight [2017] The Hereafter (black / doom metal)
Deivos [2017] Endemic Divine (death metal)
Depeseblo [2017] Nightmare Desolation (melodic death metal)
Fleurety [2017] Inquietum (black metal)
Hirax [2004] The New Age Of Terror (cult thrash metal)
Illness [2015] Trumna (black metal)
Khors [2017] Following The Years Of Blood II (black metal)
Megascavenger [2016] As Dystopia Beckons (death metal)
Mekigah [2014] Autexousious (doom metal)
Nordlumo [2017] Embraced By Eternal Night (funeral doom metal)
Pray U Prey [2017] Figure The 8 (death metal)
Psudoku [2017] Deep Space Psudokument (grindcore)
Psudoku [2017] Planetarisk Sudoku (grindcore)
Pyrrhon [2015] Growth Without End (technical death metal)
Ritual Genocide [2017] Ritual Genocide (death black metal)
Squash Bowels [2013] Grindcoholism (goregrind)
Suffer In Paradise [2017] Ephemere (funeral doom metal)
Those Who Bring The Torture [2017] Necromancer (death metal)

Back in Stock

Agathocles [1994] Black Clouds Determinate (grindcore)
Azure Emote [2013] The Gravity Of Impermanence (technical death metal)
Descend Into Despair [2017] Synaptic Veil (funeral doom metal)
Encoffination [2014] III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) (doom / death metal)
Hirax [2009] El Rostro De La Muerte (cult thrash metal)
Masachist [2012] Scorned (death metal)
Megascavenger [2012] Descent Of Yuggoth (death metal)
Pyrrhon [2011] An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master (technical death metal)
Those Who Bring the Torture [2014] Piling Up (death metal / grindcore)

APOTELESMA "Timewrought Kings"

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Format: CD
Release Date: 27.10.2017
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Melodic Death Doom

‘Timewrought Kings’ is the debut album of the Dutch doom band formerly known as Monuments, and the result of many hours of arduous, passionate, and sometimes frustrating work. Following the EP, ‘The December Sessions’, ‘Timewrought Kings’ chronicles one’s apprehension at the transience of time and a growing disgust at the weakness in man, yet clinging on to some measure of hope and pride rooted in a sort of staunch steadfastness, and eventually abandoning society altogether. In a sense, one is wrought, or made into that which one is, by the inescapable arrow of time, constantly pushing one into a ceaseless industriousness celebrated by modern society.

«Timewrought Kings» – дебютный альбом голландской doom-команды, ранее известной как Monuments, результат многих часов кропотливой и вдохновенной работы. Следуя за EP «December Sessions» «Timewrought Kings» ведут летопись осознания личности в условиях скоротечности времени и растущего отвращения к слабости человека, который все еще цепляется за определенные надежду и достоинство, имеющие истоком человеческую стойкость, но в конечном итоге вообще избегает общества. В каком-то смысле эта личность уже стала собой или станет под влиянием необратимой стрелы времени, толкающей ее к непрерывному трудолюбию, так ценимому современным обществом. В музыкальном плане – это проникновенный меланхоличный дум-дэт метал, сочетающий отчаянный гроулинг и глубокий чистый мужской вокал, что придаёт группе неповторимое звучание.


1. Aural Emanations
2. The Weakest Of Men
3. Timewrought
4. Our Blooming Essence
5. Remnants





New Arrivals

Aarsland [2016] Gedenkstatte (funeral doom metal)
Astrofaes [2012] The Eyes Of The Beast (black metal)
Deep Desolation [2011] Subliminal Visions (black doom metal)
Descend Into Despair [2017] Synaptic Veil (funeral doom metal)
Evadne [2007] The 13th Condition (doom death)
Funeris [2017] Dismal shapes (funeral doom metal)
Greyablaze [2016] Greyablaze (post black metal)
Grizzlyman [2016] Grizzlyman (sludge metal)
Kalloused [2016] Damn You Believer (sludge doom metal)
Keeper [2016] The Space Between Your Teeth (black doom metal)
Mental Home [2017] Triangle (doom metal)
Psi Corps [2010] All Roads Lead To Amber. Parts I&II (rock)
Pylon [2012] The Harrowing of Hell (doom metal)
Raventale [2017] Planetarium (black metal)
Sendelica [2010] Streamedelica (rock)
Sonance [2016] Split / Blister The Maw (doom metal)
Suffer Yourself [2017] Ectoplasm (funeral doom metal)
Ulvegr [2017] Titahion - Kaos Manifest (black metal)
USSSy [2010] Oko (rock)

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Abstract Spirit / Ennui [2014] SplitCD - Escapism (funeral doom metal)
Ennui [2013] The Last Way (funeral doom metal)
Evadne [2014] Dethroned Of Light (atmospheric death doom)
Fatum Elisum [2009] Fatum Elisum (death doom metal)
Gothic [2017] Demons (gothic doom metal)
Keef [2010] Stoned To Doom (stoner doom)
Pylon [2011] Armoury Of God (traditional doom)
Quercus [2014] Sfumato (doom death)
Samsara [2017] When The Soul Leaves The Body (doom death)
World Below [2005] Maelstrom (traditional doom)


3rd And The Mortal, The [1995] Painting On Glass [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (gothic doom)
3rd And The Mortal, The [1994] Tears Laid In Earth [Gatefold 2x12'' LP] (gothic doom)

New Arrivals / ODRADEK ROOM "A Man Of Silt" CD release


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Format: CD, Digi CD
Release Date: 12.10.2017
Country: Belarus
Genre: Progressive Doom Death / Post Metal

Odradek Room, a progressive metal band with doom elements returns this autumn with their follow-up to their mature and intelligent debut album “Bardo. Relative Reality.” released in 2013. A four piece located in Mariupol, Ukraine, Odradek Room (named after Franz Kafka’s short story The Cares of a Family Man [1919]) uses doom metal as a base, but explores other musical genres to paint a rich palette of texture and atmosphere. Lyrically rooted in spiritual and philosophical themes, this is music that should appeal to introspective souls and deep thinkers.
The “Man of Silt” album explores the nature of personality, and is based on approaches and conceptual understanding of buddhism, but utilizes a system of european symbolism This is a story about an abstract travel of a human from nothingness to nonexistence, during which he tries to see and understand himself. He sees his personality melting and rising, splitting and merging. He sees that his personality is nothing more than a combination of figures like on a chessboard in Herman Hesse’s magic theatre. His personality is conditioned as everything else is in the world of forms. The human sinks in his own scaring, sick illusions and consciousness projections, and sees clear light and clear nature of reality. This story has neither a beginning nor an end, everyone who is born, who considers himself an individual, walks through this cycle…but in a new way each time. Everything is constantly changing…But in some way stays the same. Until one realizes this cycle.
“A Man of Silt” will be co-released between Hypnotic Dirge Records and BadMoodMan Music in an edition of 500 copies. A limited edition 6 panel digipack will also be available from each label in a limitation of 100 copies each. The album should appeal to fans of doom metal in general, but also listeners of prog metal bands such as late-Katatonia, mid-Opeth, Ihsahn, and Devin Townsend.

Odradek Room, группа, исполняющая progressive metal с doom элементами возвращается этой осенью с последователем их зрелого и интеллектуального дебютного альбома «Bardo. Relative Reality», выпущенного в 2013 году. Коллектив из четырех музыкантов из Мариуполя ( Украина), Odradek Room (названный в честь рассказа Франца Кафки «Заботы семейного человека» [1919]) используют doom в качестве основного стиля, но исследуют другие музыкальные жанры, чтобы создать богатую палитру текстур и атмосфер. Благодаря лирике, основанной на духовных и философских темах, эта музыка адресована интроспективным душам и глубоким мыслителям.
Альбом “Человек из ила” исследует природу личности основываясь на подходах и концептуальном понимании буддизма, но используя европейские системы символизма. Это рассказ об абстрактном путешествии человека из небытия в небытие, по ходу которого он пытается понять и увидеть свое я. Он видит, как его личность тает и возникает, дробится и соединяется. Видит, что личность – не более комбинации фигурок, как на шахматной доске в магическом театре Германа Гессе, обсуловленная, как и все в мире форм. Человек то погружается в свои пугающие и болезненные иллюзии и проекции сознания, то видит ясный свет и чистую природу реальности. Этот рассказ не имеет начала и конца, каждый из рожденных, считающий себя индивидуумом, за жизнь проходит этот одинаковый цикл… Но каждый раз по-новому. Все постоянно меняется… и в каком-то смысле остается неизменным. До тех пор, пока этот цикл не будет осознан.
«Man of Silt» выпущен совместно Hypnotic Dirge Records и BadMoodMan Music ограниченным тиражом в 500 экземпляров. Будет также доступен шестипанельный digipack с ограниченным тиражом в 100 копий для каждого лэйбла. Альбом должен понравиться не только поклонникам doom metal, но и слушателям прог-металлических групп, таких как поздняя Katatonia, Opeth среднего периода, Ihsahn и Devin Townsend.


1. Arising In The Void
2. Selfness
3. Texture Of Reality
4. Mirror Labyrinth
5. Rain Trip
6. Silt Flower
7. Divide
8. Conditional Eternity





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AioN [2015] Verses of Perdition (black metal)
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Alunah [2015] White Hoarhound (doom / stoner metal)
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Among Gods [2014] Monument (death metal)
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Daedalean Complex [2016] The Rise Of Icarus (symphonic black gothic metal)
Dark Sanctuary [2017] Metal Works (darkwave gothic neoclassical)
Deviant Process [2016] Paroxysm (progressive death metal)
Doom's Day [2014] The Devil's Eyes (heavy / doom metal)
Doom's Day [2016] The Whore (heavy / doom metal)
Dzo-nga [2017] The Sachem's Tales (atmospheric black metal)
Electric Hoodoo [2015] Electric Hoodoo (progressive death metal)
Eyexist [2016] The Digital Holocaust (symphonic death metal)
Ice Dragon [2014] Dream Dragon (stoner doom metal / psychedelic rock)
Ice Dragon [2014] The Burl, The Earth, The Aether (stoner doom metal / psychedelic rock)
Ice Dragon [2014] The Sorrowful Sun (stoner doom metal / psychedelic rock)
Ice Dragon [2014] Tome Of The Future Ancients (stoner doom metal / psychedelic rock)
Kazeria [2017] Nihilist Militant [Explorations 2003-2007] (martial / industrial)
Kazeria & Aphlar [2016] SplitCD - In Bolskan: A Conceptual Work (martial / industrial)
Merlin [2016] Electric Children (psychedelic doom / stoner metal)
Montgolfiere [2017] The Fall (doom / progressive metal rock)
Monumentum [2017] In Absentia Christi (darkwave)
Replicant [2016] Worthless Desires (death metal)
Saturna [2016] Saturna (doom / stoner metal)
Seputus [2016] Man Does Not Give (black death metal)
Show Of Bedlam [2015] Roont (stoner doom / post-metal)
Show Of Bedlam [2017] Transfiguration (stoner doom / post-metal)
Spirit Of Rebellion [2017] A Taste of Death (death black metal)
Succubus Irons [2015] The Gorgon's Lullaby (doom / progressive metal)
Tentacle [2014] Ingot Eye (drone doom metal)
Valknacht [2014] Le Sacrifice D'Ymir (symphonic pagan black metal)
Vindkast [2017] Archaic Collapse (black metal)
Will Of The Ancients [2013] To Our Glorious Dead (melodic black metal)
Wrath Of Echoes [2017] A Fading Bloodline (melodic doom death metal)

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Arcana Coelestia [2014] Nomas (black / funeral doom metal)
Ataraxia [1996] Concerto No. 6 (medieval / neofolk)
Before The Rain [2011] Frail (doom death)
Evpatoria Report, The [2008] Golevka (shoegaze)
Fear Of Eternity [2010] Light Of The Night (depressive black)
Ghosts Of Breslau [2008] Sacred Place (dark ambient)
Howling Void, The [2013] Runa (symphonic funeral doom)
Ixion [2011] To The Void (doom death)
Plateau Sigma [2016] Rituals (funeral doom / death metal)
Stricta Doctrina [2011] Stricta Doctrina (martial / folk)


Esoteric [1996] Pernicious Enigma [Gatefold 3x12'' LP] (cult funeral doom)

New Arrivals / Woe Unto Me 2xCD release

WOE UNTO ME "Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed" (2xCD)

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Format: 2xCD
Release Date: 29.09.2017
Country: Belarus
Genre: Doom Death

The silent infinity that rushes upwards, completely absorbs and calms. Is this the beginning of the end or the rebirth from the ashes? One starts to understand that the existence is cyclic, it is like an autumn leaf moldering from a tired wind and giving life to timid plants with transparent souls in the spring. The noise of life is completely voiceless in comparison with the silent abyss, whose cry causes every cell of the body to dry out, sink and drown in helplessness. The subtle threads of existence that unite, explode, forming emptiness that is the flesh that can think. Life is infinite … however, it will continue only in the eyes of the beholder, in the mind of the thinker, in the heart of the lover. This delicate border lies between two CD’s of the Woe Unto Me’s new album, “Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed”.
Musically, conceptually and artistically, two album parts radically differ from each other: the first part immerses the listener in a gloomy and depressive atmosphere of versatile doom death metal, while the second part consists of acoustic melancholy, which envelops with the veil of autumn spleen and sad beauty.
The album features several famous representatives of the world doom scene: Thomas A.G. Jensen (SATURNUS), Daniel Neagoe (CLOUDS, EYE OF SOLITUDE, SHAPE OF DESPAIR), Jon Aldara (HAMFERD, BARREN EARTH, CLOUDS), Patryk Zwoliński (PROGHMA-C, ex-BLINDEAD, ex-NEOLITHIC, ex-ANTIGAMA).


1. Triptych: Shiver, Shelter, Shatter
2. Of Life That Never Showed Its Face
3. I Come To Naught
4. Breath Of A Grief
5. Drawn By Mourning

6. In A Stranglehold
7. Leave Me To My Sorrows
8. Along Came The Imminence
9. Fall-Dyed Lament
10. A Year-Long Waiting
11. My Joy Lies Behind
12. The Snide Sun

CD1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuNoBrmN1_w

CD2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8ulTGYV7ps




New Arrivals

Bestiality [2014] Stuck In Bestial Vision (black thrash metal)
Black Ceremonial Kult / Genocide Beast  [2016] SplitCD - “Demo XXIV / Demo XXV” (black death metal)
Burial Choir [2017] Iconoclast (funeral doom metal)
Cien [2014] Ecce Homo (black metal)
Cien [2015] Time Of Anti​-​Humanity (black metal)
Cinis [2014] Subterranean Antiquity (death metal)
Death's Cold Wind [2016] Subyugador - In Goat We Trust (death metal)
Deep Desolation [2015] Possession (black doom / groove metal)
Deisidaemonia [2016] Khthonian Hymns (black metal)
Demonic Rage [2015] Omen Of Doom (death metal)
Domain [2016] Pandemonium (death metal)
Embrional [2014] Annihilation 2007 + Live (death metal)
Embrional [2015] The Devil Inside (death metal)
Hate Them All [2015] Last Feast With The Beast (black metal)
Hellspawn [2016] There Has Never Been A Son Of Me (death metal)
Ignis Fatuus [2014] Pluje Na Twoj Grob (black metal)
Infidel [2012] Eviscerate Yourself (black metal)
Infidel [2016] III (black metal)
Kratherion [2014]  Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes (black metal)
Moloch Letalis [2015] Zgliszcza (black death metal)
Moloch Letalis [2016] Arkana Chaosu (black metal)
Occultum [2016] Towards Eternal Chaos (black metal)
Pandemonium [2001] Devilri / The Ancient Catatonia (black death metal)
Pandemonium [2013] The Ancient Catatonia (black death metal)
Pandemonium [2015] Bones Will Rise From The Ground Live (black death metal)
Pandemonium [2017] Nihilist (black death metal)
Pathogen [2013] Lust Of Evil (death metal)
Pathogen / Deathevoker [2015] SplitCD - Consecrated In Morbidity (death metal)
Sargatanas [2017] The Enlightenment (black death metal)
Slaughtbbath [2015] Hail To Fire (black metal)
Wino [2009] Punctuated Equilibrium (doom stoner metal)


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Eagle Twin [2009] The Unkindness of Crows (drone / doom metal)
Eagle Twin [2012] The Feather Tipped the Serpent's Scale (drone / doom metal)
Earth [2005] Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method (drone rock)
Earth [2010] A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction (drone / doom metal)
Earth [2012] Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II (drone / doom metal)
Earth [2014] Primitive and Deadly (drone / doom / stoner metal)
Goatsnake [2004] 1 & Dog Days (stoner doom)
Goatsnake [2004] Trampled Under Hoof (stoner doom)
Goatsnake [2015] Black Age Blues (stoner doom)
Pelican [2009] What We All Come To Need (sludge doom / post metal)
Pelican [2013] Forever Becoming (post metal / artcore)
Sleep [2003] Dopesmoker (doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2000] 00 Void (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2002] Flight Of The Behemoth (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2009] Monolith & Dimensions (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2015] Kannon (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) & Boris [2006] Altar (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) & Ulver [2014] Terrestrials (drone doom metal)
Thorr's Hammer [1996] Dommedagsnatt (sludge doom)
Wolves In The Throne Room [2009] Black Cascade (depressive black metal)
Wolves In The Throne Room [2011] Celestial Lineage (depressive black metal)


Circle [2017] Terminal [12'' LP] Clear Vinyl (space rock)
Clouds [2017] Destin [12'' EP] (atmospheric doom metal)
Goatsnake [2004] I + Dog Days [Gatefold 2x12 LP] (doom metal)
Pelican [2012] Ataraxia / Taraxis [12'' EP] Clear Vinyl (post metal)
Pelican [2015] The Cliff [12'' EP] Orange Vinyl (post metal)
Sleep [2003] Dopesmoker [Gatefold 2x12 LP] Green Vinyl (doom metal)
Sleep [2017] The Clarity [12'' EP] White Vinyl (doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2000] 00 Void [Gatefold 2x12 LP] Green Vinyl (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2005] Black One [Gatefold 2x12 LP] Clear Vinyl (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2009] Monolith & Dimensions [Gatefold 2x12 LP] Clear Vinyl (drone doom metal)

Woe Unto Me & Odradek Room albums available for preorder

WOE UNTO ME - "Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed" 

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Woe Unto Me

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ODRADEK ROOM - "A Man Of Silt" LTD Digipak Edition 

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Odradek Room

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