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Mental Torment [2013] On The Verge...

Mental Torment [2013] On The Verge...
Band: Mental Torment
Year: 2013
Album: On The Verge...
Style: doom death
Format: CD
Label: Solitude Productions
Cat. N: SP. 070-13
In stock: yes
Weight: 125 g


The first album from a Ukranian band with wide concert experience which makes this debut release not just the presentation of the band, but the real manifest demonstrating strong, professional and carefully mastered doom death metal. This album has everything to fit the taste of a sophisticated listener: majestic guitar parts framed by light keyboards, rich atmosphere saturated with the concept of the menacing sea rudiment. The essential value of the album is its inexhaustible melodies and inspiration. «On The Verge…» will become a precious present for fans of Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth and early Saturnus.


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